Safeguard Tubs, a Wyoming-based business, offers customers a range of quality bathing products, including high-quality walk-in bathing tubs that make use of the proven effectiveness of hydrotherapy. Safeguard Tubs provides the only walk in bathtub with Triple Hydrotherapy and Dual Chromatherapy.

Chromatherapy is the therapeutic application of light in various colors, and it is thought to have a beneficial impact on health and wellness. Each color has a different effect. Red creates energy and stimulates the flow of blood. Yellow has a positive effect on nerves, while orange, which is a mix of the two, is used to soothe painful joints and muscles. Green facilitates a restorative calmness on both body and mind, and blue’s cooling qualities penetrate more deeply to both mind and body. Various lights placed within a Safeguard tub improve one’s experience while bathing and offer a therapeutic, relaxing ambience. Color and light have been used for their healing qualities for centuries; the combination of chromatherapy and hydrotherapy offer a unique bath experience.

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